Here are 20 ways to enlarge your penis at home, and more

optimal penis size

Men have a wide range of methods to enlarge their penis at home without going to a medical facility.

The advantages of this path are obvious:

  • Full protection of anonymity. . . The decision to use additional devices, folk or medical methods is made individually, so no one will know about it.
  • Freedom of choice.The man himself chooses to use the method of penis enlargement. You can use the tips in the article to make the right decision.
  • Convenience. . . All manipulations take place at home and in a comfortable environment. You can set aside time for sports and not worry about someone interfering with your lessons.
  • Saving. . . There is no need to pay for a doctor's services or spend on additional medications. Many methods are generally not related to the purchase of additional equipment.


penis enlargement devices

All well-thought-out methods work on the principle of penis elongation. Thanks to a special effect, the penis fills with blood and thus increases in size. With regular exercise, the cavernous bodies of the penis gradually lengthen and increase their elasticity. They become more flexible and soft. If you exercise your penis regularly, you can gain three to five centimeters.

Vacuum pumps

The principle of operation of the devices is to place the penis in a special cavity and make the air vacuum, rare. The result is achieved in different ways (depending on the type of product) - mechanically, automatically or with the help of water.


One of the features of mechanical (manual) pumps is the self-regulation of pressure by pumping air. Structurally, the device consists of a tube, a tube and a special pear that fits over the penis. With the help of the latter, a vacuum is formed inside the cavity. Such devices are the optimal solution for men who want to make money and get results. The cost of a hand pump is low.

hand pumps for penis enlargement

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a product with a different design. Pressure pumps and special nozzles are sold. The second can be in the form of lips, anus or a woman's vagina.

pump with female vaginal nozzle

Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical pumps

  • Low price
  • Ability to accurately control the vacuum according to your feelings
  • Improve blood circulation and result in an increase in erection with regular exercise
  • The need to pump yourself
  • Risk of creating an excessive vacuum and damaging the penis

Unlike mechanical devices, an automatic pump uses an electric pump. It works with batteries and independently removes air from the tube cavity. A pressure gauge is provided to control the pressure. Automatic pumps are equipped with a screen showing basic information or a remote control for remote control of the evacuation process.

automatic pump for penis enlargement

Pros and cons of automatic models

  • Rapid vacuum creation
  • Process control and automatic shutdown
  • The battery needs to be replaced periodically
  • Higher price

Hydropump is a penis enlargement device that works with water. Unlike the devices discussed above, the tube is filled with a hot penis, which protects the penis from possible damage.

hydropump for penis enlargement

Pros and cons of hydroelectric devices

  • Unlike air, water practically does not stretch, so the negative impact on the skin of the penis is excluded
  • The liquid has a positive effect on the skin of the penis, warms, gives extra elasticity and improves blood circulation
  • A man achieves a rapid result in the form of an increase in the length and width of the body.
  • High chance of coagulation due to long-term exposure to negative pressure
  • High price
  • Penis stiffness may be lower at the bottom
General pumps

The principle of operation of the device is based only on the covering of the head of the genitals. The urgency of the pump is due to the high sensitivity of this part of the penis. After the product is applied to the penis, a vacuum is created to increase blood flow.

pump for the head of the penis

Pros and cons

  • Move only on the most sensitive part of the penis
  • Ease of application
  • Reasonable price
  • Only the head grows

An expert's opinion on vacuum pumps:

The side-by-side use of a pump can eliminate a potential problem, solve the problem of chronic prostatitis, correct the penis, and even treat a number of diseases (e. g. , Peyronie). The products are affordable and easy to use. You need to train for 20-30 minutes every day to get results.

There may be penis enlargementUp to 4-5 centimeters in 2-3 monthsclasses. In addition, the use of a pump allows you to increase not only the length but also the volume of the penis.


Expanders are a device that allows the penis to grow mechanically by stretching. With regular exercise, the penis grows in thickness and length and at the same time becomes more flat. Efficiency is explained by the natural properties of tissues that are able to grow under the influence of stress due to cell division. Structurally, the products consist of a disappearance ring, a rod (provides tension) and an attachment at the head of the penis.


The simplest choice for expanders are mechanical devices. Depending on the design, there is belt mud.


A feature of the belt extension is the use of a fixing part of the belt. The advantage of the design is that the belt takes the form of a cylinder and creates less discomfort in the male penis.

belt expander for penis enlargement

Belt expander

In addition, the area of contact with the penis is larger than other extension models. Depending on your wishes, you can buy a model with manual clamping or latch (more expensive version).

Advantages and disadvantages of belt models

  • Freeze fast
  • Reliability
  • Anxiety with long-term use
  • Time limit - up to three hours

Koshum transmitters are required for a lower price. A distinctive feature is the fixation of the head using an elastic and an elastic tourniquet. Holds the penis firmly and prevents it from jumping when lying down.

trailer penis enlarger

When the penis is attached, the tourniquet takes on the shape of a drop, but the penis itself is cylindrical. Thanks to this design feature, the body can be slightly damaged.

Pros and cons of running devices

  • Low price
  • Ease of application
  • Landslide risk
  • Pressure when worn for a long time
  • The reliability of the device is poor

A feature of hybrid expanders is the combination of trailer and belt fastening methods. This allows you to adjust the head more reliably and avoid unpleasant sensations by using the device frequently and for a long time.

hybrid penis enlarger

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrids

  • Combining the advantages of belt and belt systems
  • Good equipment
  • Higher price
  • Probable closure difficulties

It is a versatile device that fits any penis size. Thanks to the combination of the two technologies, you can wear the product on the genitals for a longer period of time and get better results. The maximum increase in size is up to 25 cm in length.

Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum expanders are one of the most convenient devices. The tightening of the extensions is based on covering the area around the penis with a special cap that compresses around the penis and provides the principle of a suction cup. During use, the walls stick to the surface of the penis and remain behind, creating a vacuum.

Vacuum extensions for penis enlargement

To protect the head of the penis from damage, it is recommended to cover the surface with a plaster, and after removing the device, remove the cover itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum devices

  • Increases both head length & volume
  • Dress comfortably
  • Reliable connection
  • Can be used with both an expander and a hanger or stretcher
  • High price

Expert opinion:

Expanders are effective and affordable products that increase the length and width of the penis. To correct the effect, to lengthen the penis0. 8-1. 0 cmneed to practice the lengthat least 1 month. . .

Effectiveness depends on 3 effects:

  • He stretches.It is provided by moving the massage device from the base to the edge of the penis.
  • Stimulation of blood flow.The trainer activates the filling of the penis with blood.
  • Extra action of a special gel.The second contains extracts of hazelnuts, creeping tribulus and Manchurian islands. Together, they nourish the penis, improve blood circulation, boost libido, and fight sexual impotence.


penis enlargement stretcher

The purpose of the movement is to stretch the penis using a belt attached to the head on one side and the other parts of the body to provide the necessary tension.

Unlike expanders and hangers, stretchers are more compact. They can be worn with caution. The product is generally used to combine the growth of the penis outside the home and the result obtained from the expander. Depending on the closure, the penis extends up, left / right or down.

A word to an expert:

It is an auxiliary device that is recommended to be worn to combine the result and to increase the effect of the use of an expander or hanger. When applied independently, the result is minimal or non-existent.


penis enlargement hands

The principle of operation is based on the suspension of loads on a member. With regular use for 30-40 days, an increase in size of 10-15 mm can be achieved.

The duration of a lesson should be at least 2 hours. It is necessary to start with small loads up to 200-300 g, then gradually increase the load to 1. 25 kg and increase the application time to six hours. To increase efficiency, it is recommended to use a hydraulic pump and dietary supplements in parallel, saturating the body with nutrients.

Creams, gels, sprays

One of the safest ways to enlarge the penis is to use gels, sprays and creams that nourish the penis with nutrients that stimulate blood flow and thus help the penis to grow.

They are considered the safest due to the lack of mechanical stress and the risk of tissue damage. In terms of efficiency, they are often inferior to mechanical products.

Tips for using gels and ointments:

  • Dissatisfaction with the size of the penis
  • Penile cavity
  • Rapid discharge
  • Weak head sensitivity

Useful features:

  • Guaranteed increase in sizeup to 5 cm per month
  • Strengthening an erection
  • Prolongation of sexual intercourse
  • Increased head sensitivity
  • Increased endurance during sex

After 2 weeks of use, the penis is excited faster and in this condition for a longer period of time. The increase in diameter and length reaches 20 and 10 mm, respectively. In the third and fourth weeks, the penis continues to grow, the ability to control orgasm develops, the sensations become more intense.

Extras are enlarged

One of the easiest and fastest ways to enlarge your penis is to use supplements that are placed on the penis to increase its size and shape. Thanks to the large range, it is easy to choose a product taking into account the size of the penis, the characteristics of the closure and the preferences of the partner.

The use of the application allows you to achieve the following results:

  • prolongation of sexual intercourse;
  • increase in the length and width of the penis;
  • maintaining a high level of erection.

Supplements are completely safe, unlike mechanical methods or surgical penis enlargement. It takes a few seconds to put the product, after which the penis is ready for sex.

Classification by type of nose

A wide selection of products with different design, shape, type and material is offered for sale.

Open and closed

According to the type, the nozzles are divided into two groups - open and closed. Let's look at their features:

  • Open it- a nozzle that covers part of the penis. This option is optimal for men who want to increase the width of the penis, improve erection and maintain a sense of touch.
  • open penis
  • Closed. . . Unlike the type discussed above, the penis is completely covered with additional material. Second, it can be elastic to maintain feel or stiffness. In the latter case, the supplement is designed primarily for the taste of the partner.
closed penis

In both cases, the type of attachment is the same - with a curve behind the testicles. This method of fixation does not cause discomfort to the man and keeps the toy in the penis during all sexual intercourse.

With spike and relaxation

For a more exciting experience during sex, couples choose spiked or embossed surface attachments. Each of the options has features:

  • Thorns.Women get new sensations from sex and stimulation of the most sensitive areas. Dozens of thorns touch the walls of the vagina, creating a feeling of full contact with light pressure in the erogenous zones of the penis.
  • spiked penis attachment
  • Relief.This option is generally given to the taste of the man. A woman who also feels the changed texture of value and teaches additional feelings is not left out of the spotlight.
sculpted penis attachment
With vibration

Equipped with an additional device that works with a constant power supply. When opened, the device begins to vibrate, giving both partners extra pleasure. Depending on the model, the vibration level can be fixed or manually adjusted. In the event of a discharge, the power supply may be changed.

vibrating penis attachment
By stimulating the clitoris

There is a great demand for nostrils that stimulate the clitoris. Their feature is the presence of an additional element that massages the most sensitive area of a woman during sex.

clitoral stimulating penis

Additional elements (such as twigs) can be provided on the surface for a more exciting feel. The clitoral stimulation tips are great, so a couple can experiment with different types to find the best one.

Classification of noses by material

When choosing supplements, you should pay attention not only to the shape, the presence of vibration or stimulation of the clitoris, but also to the material of the product. The degree of sensitivity of the penis and vagina, the sensation of touch depends on this factor.

Cyber skin

Cyber leather is a special material that resembles human skin as much as possible in terms of tactile sensations. It is distinguished by a high degree of plasticity and elasticity and does not have an unpleasant odor.

cyber skin supplements for penis

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cyber Leather Products

  • Maximum similarity to human skin
  • Hypoallergenicity
  • Guaranteed pleasant tactile sensations
  • I'm having trouble getting out
  • It is relatively short
  • High price

Silicone is commonly used in sex toys. The material is characterized by good ductility, pleasant tactile sensations, a large choice of shape and size. Silicone tips are easy to clean and can last for many years without replacement.

silicone penis

Pros and cons of silicone toys

  • Long service life
  • Extensive coverage
  • Reasonable price
  • There is a risk of injury as a result of touching a sharp object
  • Touch feels worse than cyber skin

It is flexible and pleasant to knit material, which is divided into two types, artificial and natural. The first option is odorless and safe in terms of allergic reactions.

latex penis

The natural version has a certain fragrance and can cause allergies, so it is used to make clothes. Mozuls are made only of artificial latex.

Pros and cons

  • Minimal risk of irritation
  • The skin "breathes"
  • The optimal combination of elasticity, softness and strength
  • Ease of care
  • There is still a small risk of injury to the genitals
  • Incompatibility with oil-based lubricants
  • With improper care, it quickly loses quality

Classification of supplements by types of supplements

When choosing supplements, it is important to look at the type of penis attachment, because ease of use and requirements for sexual intercourse depend on it.


A feature of simple additions is the absence of additional additions. Because of the tightness of the contact, they are placed on the penis and attached to it. When choosing such a model, you should be careful and take into account the size of the penis. All joints tend to stretch, but this does not always help.

simple penis supplements

So, if you take a product with a small diameter and put it on a thick penis, the risk of discomfort during sex is high. On the other hand, if you buy a "stock" attachment, it can fly during sex.

With clamps and belts

In addition, these models are provided with straps or clamps that hold the scrotum and straighten the penis. The toy is firmly attached to the surface of the penis and performs a number of additional functions - provides a better erection and prolongs sexual intercourse.

penis appendages with penis and straps

The packages are made of the same material as the nozzle itself, which eliminates discomfort during use. Products that contain this type of supplement are often suitable for active sex with friction.

Expert opinion:

Using supplements is the easiest, fastest and safest way to enlarge your penis. They are completely safe for men and women, and the price of the toy is not very expensive. The features of the supplements include the high speed of reaching the result and the service life.

Pros and cons

  • Large range by type, material and packaging methods
  • Rapid penis enlargement
  • Additional stimulation of the female and male genitals
  • Decreased sensitivity and prolonged sexual intercourse
  • May be allergic (to some materials)
  • Need proper care

Feeding is suitable for people who are planning their first sexual experiences and are not ready for more global steps.


The most economical way to grow a penis at home is to exercise without the use of additional devices. The effect is achieved by stimulating blood circulation, massage and stretching the tissue. The result depends on compliance with the rules of execution, legality and combination with other methods.

Kegel exercises (kegel)

This is a basic exercise. It has nothing to do with penis enlargement, but it helps many others. It is the only exercise performed with the power of thought. The condition is to strengthen the pelvic muscles and improve the blood supply to the penis. Training is very simple and does not take much time.

Where is the kegel muscle

The essence of the training is to tense the muscles responsible for stopping the process of urination. During the process, stop the flow of urine for a few seconds and thereby tighten the muscles you want, then relax and repeat the stop. Once you understand which muscles are involved, you can train them at any time.

Jelqing (massage)

The term "jelqing" comes from the English word "jelqing", which translates as "milk". The founder of the theory is Gary Griffin, founder of the American Association of Phaloplastic Surgeons and publisher of a book on penis enlargement. This technique is actively used in Arab countries, where boys begin to lengthen their penises at the age of 8.

There are two types of jelqing:

  1. Dry. The training is carried out without the use of additional tools.
  2. Age. Various lubricants, gels or plain water are used here.

The essence of the technique is to create a ring with the thumb and forefinger around the penis near the base and then move it to the end. One period of this movement is called jelq. Training time is 15 minutes. You can do it yourself or use special jelqing machines.

jelqing for penis enlargement

Experts say that with regular exercise you can get an increase of 0, 5 or more centimeters in the penis.


Another way to enlarge the penis at home.

To prepare the composition, do the following:

  1. Prepare 100 g of ginkgo biloba leaves (ground and dried).
  2. Fill them with vodka.
  3. Tincture will stand for two weeks in a dark glass bowl.
  4. After 14 days, strain the liquid and discard the grass.
  5. Rub the finished tincture into the penis with massage movements.

When working with the penis, make sure that alcohol does not come into contact with the penis. In this case, burning and irritation may appear. The essence of the method is to increase blood flow to the hollow organ.


To prepare, do the following:

  1. Find a complete ginseng root.
  2. Grind with a mixer.
  3. Pour the prepared ingredient with vodka. Pre-dilute with alcohol water in a ratio of 1: 1.
  4. Let sit for a week after straining the product.
  5. Soak a piece of gauze or a piece in the prepared liquid.
  6. Wrap around the penis and hold for 30-50 minutes.

For more comfort, warm the liquid to body temperature to avoid discomfort. The essence of the method is blood flow to the genitals, and the result comes after the first application. The member temporarily increases in size, but then returns to its previous size.

Medical procedures and medications

Modern medicine offers many ways to enlarge the penis. The most common choices are surgery and special medications.

Surgical augmentation

A common option for penis enlargement is to have surgery.

Each of the methods is specific in terms of duration, results and cost of the operation.

Installation of gel and silicone implants

Penis enlargement with implants is simple and effective. The operation takes about half an hour. At the same time, you should not stay in the hospital for more than 24 hours. The essence of the method is the addition of subcutaneous implants, which provide a thickness of about 1. 5 cm in the penis.

The results are immediate, but it is better to abstain from sexual activity for 30 days. If the penis needs to be lengthened, it is advisable to undergo a ligmentotomy procedure with the obligatory use of an expander.