Reviews about Titanium

  • Nik
    First I bought Titanium gel to improve my erection. 3 days after application, I saw an iron result. And after 2 weeks, my penis has grown 3 cm and I feel an increase in sensitivity, intimacy itself is bright and passes with orgasm. Well, I ordered 2 tubes.
  • Aljaž
    Titanium gel could not be used every day, but after the third dose there was a noticeable improvement. Now I often use the cream 30 minutes before sex. Absorbs quickly & doesn't stain shortsSex is of high quality and longevity. The size of the penis has also changed for the better.
  • Matic
    Gel Titanium was given to me by a girl. I really didn't believe in the result, I doubted it, but I had to do something with a slow erection. For 2 weeks I forgot about the problem, started experimenting with the girl, role-playing games. It was as if a second wind blew inside me, my penis grew 4 cm.
  • Žiga
    I have no doubt in my purchase. I ordered Titanium gel on the Internet. Member increased by 4 cm. That's enough for me. The duration of intimacy has also been extended. In the past, she often accused me of coming too soon. Now I can boast of steel endurance.
  • Miha
    Gel Titanium is a safe and effective drug for penis enlargement. I ordered online and all my problems were solved. The penis has grown and thickened, I can't finish for a long time, I bring my daughter to orgasm.
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